****Al-Shabab launches first attacks on Iranian charities in Mogadishu. ****

You know how Iran and the Shia Majoos managed to spread Shiism in the some random Nigerian town and in Indonesia? Certainly not because of the beauty of their Madhab and their Tawheed (lol), they are like their Mushrik brothers in Shirk, the Crusaders. Both employ dirty tactics such as setting up charity organisations in poor and deprived areas. One such place is Somalia. Now, this was their biggest mistake. Yes, we can imagine Sufis in Nigeria becoming Shias, or Sufis in Indonesia, but SOMALIS?! Somalis who are linked to ancient Arab tribes, many of them (especially scholars) speak better Arabic then most Arabs plus they are generally very conservative people and have loads of scholars (even in the Arabian Peninsula), on top of it they passionately hate the Rafida.

NO WAY you can bring the Majoosi filth of Shiism to Somali (we have seen Shia Somalis, but then, there are also Somali gays and HIV positive Somalis, so what?)

Al-Shabab launches first attacks on Iranian charities in Mogadishu. Al-Shabab scholar Sheikh Mustafa al-Salafi says Iranian charity Khomeini Foundation is spreading Shiite beliefs in Mogadishu. Al-Salafi told pro-Shabab radio that Iranian charities are targeting vulnerable people in camps, social events and through building schools, mosques etc.

Majoos are getting it everywhere, Allah is not with the Mushriks after all!

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